ONE-stop (30-day challenge)


task 1:   Something about myself

I might as well write my whole bio data :))

Name: Kristine Iannah A. Lawas

Nickname: Yana/Yanz

Birthday: Dec 22, 1996

I’m really fond of reading books, surfing the net, eating, sleeping, bonding with friends, doing fun school activities, stalking, listening and talking.

I’m not expecting the best in life but i make sure that there will be no regrets at the end of the day.

I’ve experienced one of the most dreadful and tragic possibilities that could happen to anyone else- to lose a home. It was just two months ago when our house was eaten by a massive fire leaving us with nothing but ashes and cinders. I don’t know what’s next for me. But so far, God had given me blessings beyond unfathomable by chance. Both academics and life, God gives me hope everyday.

So far so good, despite of the routine sermons of my mother and father, I’ve survived til now though having breakdowns every now and then. With all the pressure and stuff, but i know … SOMEDAY 🙂


a picture taken a few days before the fire 🙂
well .. IT’S LIFE !
one thing I realized ..

I’ve never asked God why me.. but instead thanked him for the possibilities 🙂


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