THREE blind mice (30 Day Challenge)


Well there’s an endless list for that.

I’m not really that adventurous-type of girl. I’ve got a lot of phobias making me hate almost everything. I hate creepy crawlies. Even the sight of them makes me itch, how much more skin-to-skin. I also hate dirty places. It just gets into my nerves.

When it comes to people, I hate social climbers. I want to know  the real them, not just their positive side but also their deepest darkest secrets. I also hate back-stabbers. They are just bundles of insecures.

When we’re talking about food, I HATE VEGETABLES. i just.. just don’t like them. I’m also very picky when it comes to fruits. That’s why I’m not that healthy.

It seems like I’m so “ma-arte” but it’s who I am. I hate all of them but does that makes me another person? I think it does not. We all have our dislikes and these are mine.



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