SIX o’clock

Task 6: My First Crush

Well He was probably my puppy love [char]

Innocence was the blanket that covered us for a long time. Young and carefree, not minding about the catastrophic surge of the future. Everyday I saw his cuteness flaunting on the aisle in the room. The feeling was mutual and that was the best part. We were classmates for four long years.

For a very long time, his face was my inspiration, his presence was my light. I never got bored even a single second way back then. But everything must come to an end… even love.

He transferred schools when we were in Fifth Grade due to his father’s change of workplace. I was sad, very sad. I even shed a tear because of his absence.  But as days, weeks and years passed, he became a memory, a memory of a young girl’s admiration, no more no less 🙂


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