EIGHT below

Task 6: I become happy when..

The definition of happiness varies from person to person. It differs basing on a person’s experience. There are millions of happiness in this world and I have some I can call mine.

I become happy when all of the people around me are jumping with joy. Their happiness seems to be contagious, from their laughs to their smiling eyes.

I become happy when I watch movies. Movies are the extensions of my visual imagination. They give temporary satisfaction against all numbness inside.

I become happy when I read books. For me, my brain, heart and imagination work together and create a paradise where everything can happen.

I become happy when his physique flaunts in front of me. It sends “flirty” stimuli to my static nerves creating a shock to my system. It’s both awkward and magical.

I become happy when a plan comes together. It creates a certain feeling of intelligence and pride inside. It makes me feel important and appreciated at the same time.

I become happy when I’m talking with God. It’s the only time when sky is the limit. I ask forgiveness, I give thanks and I relay stories of my daily life. Even the detailed bits and bops of the nonsensical things done throughout the day. It gives relief and security.

I’m obviously a shallow person but I’m also happy about it 🙂


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