TWELVE drummers drumming

task 12: Life as a student


Millions of questions circulate one’s mind. Fear of the future’s uncertain reply.

It was like months ago since I first entered the premises of our school. Innocent and curious of what the future holds. Day by day I learn new knowledge, get more experiences and gain more friends. For four years of studying here, multifarious problems suppressed my mind but on the other hand innumerable victory flourished my soul. High school is the best part of my existence.

But everything must come to an end. One must choose between the choices. One must decide on which way to pursue. One must take the risk of ensuring his future.

As fourth year students, we are haunted by what ifs, maybes and what next. Curiosity and anxiety goes along together, curiosity of what could happen and anxiety to what it will be, to where will it end and to what we would become. On my part, I am afraid to take a big step, a big leap of faith, to take an enormous risk because it’s either to emerge as great and noble or to swim in regrets and disappointments.

At this time of my life, many opportunities make their way before me. It’s my decision to choose, not the greatest option but what’s best for myself. We have many things to reconsider after we graduate: a place to stay, a good school to invest our time and effort, the new friends we could rely on and the goals we want to achieve.

As early as now, we need to sort out all of these not just for your own but for the society and humanity’s futures are at stake.



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