Awake (New Year special)

An abyss of thoughts
A mountain of lies
A crimson red sky
Has started to pry
I can see myself
Reflected below
Ripples of water
Distorted the flow
I was deep within
Buried far below
No air, No water
Just a voice so low
Swallowed by the fire
Drowned by the water
concealed by the land
It’s now or never
No hope to be found
Silence was so loud
Strangled and injured
Pain was forever
I’ve waited so long
Someone to hold on
I’ve waited so long
I’ve waited so long…
A sudden loud crash
Echoed up above
Someone called my name
What a sweet sweet name
Walls started to crush
Lights began to rush
Air started to flow
Life has come to know
Gold around my feet
Clouds surrounded me
Music for a treat
Love has set me free
Oh this amnesty
So foreign to me
Because of you Lord
I’m alive once more
Darkness set me free
No mourning, no pain
God and victory
are words now the same

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! (it’s supposed to be a free verse but I can’t help it) xDDD


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