A Philosophical view of Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know why i made this but being inspired by Dante and Beatrice, i found myself writing it.

It was never like this.

The very image of a bond you desire is far from what you yearn as of this very moment of your existence.

How could you indulge yourself to an earthly, temporary and childlike, not to mention premature and unpleasant to the eye, a kind of knot between you and an anatomy familiar yet foreign to your naïve mind.

You have live your life, almost every day searching, exploring, breaking through and living another dimension, fantasy or not, but now crashing it just for an uncertain reality, a risk with a question of worth?

The very sense and purpose of the latter opposes the very essence of your so called “sanctuary”- a dilapidated attraction to a world unknown to yourself but had grown to love and was already excavated and exploited by rare and blessed souls here in the living land.

Age is a factor and also your surroundings but you know to yourself that something about or someone inside, may or may not be your “mind-generated simulation of life”, is more powerful greater and more passionate enough to drag you back in, to inculcate- again and again- the difference of what could happen if you wait for the right time, right one, the right moment and not to rush, never to rush.

The sweet, shy and provocative experience of this earthly, sometimes materialistic and juvenile love, not to mention careless, is different, very far, even miles or light years away from the carnal, intense, risk-taking, sinless, passionate, pleasurable, helpless and most of all, a selfless one, creating an inferno of emotions only governed by love and also because of love.

It is not with force and it will never be by force. It is never distress or helplessness. It is also never because of desperation or blackmail. It is only made out of pure, and selfless and to top it all off, the most honest form of love.

Unfortunately today, it’s not already who and how but much more of when and why. Everything and everyone have reasons for their existence no matter how explicit or implicit they can be, but they seem to worship time. Patience is never the virtue but lust. True love knows no time, no bounds, no ends, no limit, no duration and no reason.

Time is a diversion to what is the real meaning of love and for the second time, it does not beatify speed. It will never rush and sometimes a lifetime is never enough.

How could you betray the only thing you’ve believed in? Your innocence is never a factor or the reason but instead it’s your shield and weapon for things such as this monstrosity. You never long for a relationship if it is not exactly the same as what you have in your paradise.

Your very idea of love is far from happily ever afters. It’s much more beautiful, sacrificing and intense. You don’t believe in fairy tales but you’ve created your very own. You live in pages as if your born and will die with it. It is never thy fault to fall in the menagerie of a story and dream of it to come true. You’ve conditioned yourself to find it in this world without exposing your paradise and somehow, someday, you’ll find it with the help of a powerful being, a powerful God. Your love story might just be lurking in the depths of the water and the inferno of love.

Apparuit iam beatiudo vestra. Now your blessedness appears.


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