Better by the minute

Well it’s been so long since I last updated and here it goes..

Disclaimer: I’m not bragging, just stating and sharing 🙂

I’ve worked so hard to achieve my goals and it paid off well- really well. I never expected it to be like what it happened last month. For so long I’ve waited and waited, all of my future were on the verge of a suspended line waiting to be snapped. But I reminded myself- “Good things happen to those people who wait”. 

I’ve learned the essence of time and patience. Career, passion, love and life- they were all the things I’ve waited. Then with a sudden turn of events, I knew God loves me so much.


I’ve won third place in the regional press conference and will compete for the nationals in Ormoc this April. My coach always says that “Regionals are always the bloodiest battle of pens when it comes to journalism.” With all of this in mind, I dared to compete but never minded winning. But it seems God has a better way to put up with me or my life and with that I’m very thankful.

Then another shock exhilarated after a week. UPCAT results were out ! I can’t really explain the swirl of emotions. My half’s pulling me back while the other is begging for a positive result and BOOM!


It was one of the most glorious moments of my very existence. I shouted and ended up exhausted for doing absolutely nothing. After a burst of happiness, i feel all of my energy were drained out in one short statement of success.

As of this moment, I’m waiting for one of the most historic moment of my life. Soon I’ll march up the stage (but unfortunately, there won’t be a podium) and accept the fruit of all my labor- my diploma.

I hope things will get better and better by the minute.


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