In less than a month…

Soon, this will all be over.

I remember the first time I saw that place. Trees, dirt, sand and people all over. It was really very vague. It was 6 years ago when we went to a sci fair hosted by the Science Centrum. I was amazed not by the school but the exhibits, well that’s what’s expected for a 5th grader. I never thought that place would really change me.

Sky blue and white were foreign to me as well as tuck-in blouses. I remember my first day where I felt really weird to dress such a thing. I search for my classroom and found a seat beside my friends. It was a rival of schools where you came from. Competition was also in the air.

Days, weeks and months passed, I got used to it. Classes were vague in my memory but not the fun. All I can even think of my first year was all the fun things we’ve done. I thought it was one of the best years of my life but I was wrong- really wrong.

The second year was one of the toughest, hardest, most brutal year but i must admit, it was THE BEST YEAR OF MY EXISTENCE. It was when we’re not already the youngest of them all and the most vulnerable. It was where all the training a smart and an ambitious person should have and could have. It was when friendship creates its roots and grow much deeper. It was when love blooms the prettiest. It was when success makes a mark at the peak with your name soaring with it.

I still long for that time where everything was complicated yet you know you’ll be ok. Everything was out of control yet you can still live with it. Everything was so beautiful yet you found yourself hungry for more. It was an amazing experience and a very challenging one. I can’t even think how I survived such a beautiful hell hole.

But everything must come to an end and all I can bring with me are just memories left behind. But without regrets, I’ll keep looking back to that moment of my young life where everything was a perfect chaos.

The next two years were where fun, knowledge and life created a perfect harmony. Control was within my reach and worry was just a seldom visitor. It was where we learned to cherish the remaining time we got before we separate ways. Time favored our life and we survived the challenges prepared to us by fate. We fail, we stand-up, we celebrate. Even though we are not normal high school kids, even though our experiences were far from most people have, even though we specialize knowledge more than practicalities, we still find ourselves having the time of our lives. It was not easy but we still found our way to the end of the tunnel and this time there will be goodbyes.

Knowledge molded our minds but friendship molded our souls. In less than a month, we will march that aisle and accept our fruit of labor. In less than a month, we will shift our paths to a greater and tougher one. In less than a month, tears will fall and hugs will be shared. In less than a month, these will all be memories tucked in the back of my mind but will never ever be forgotten ’til I rest my life.

Long live guys and thank you for everything ! 🙂
UBatch 2009-2013 ♥♥♥

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