Ink for Blood

Ink for Blood
By: Kristine Iannah Lawas
The Mover

A warrior by heart, through words I shall fight. 

I’ve been trepidated, not by tyrants but with my own society. I’ve fought, not with invaders but with injustice and accusations. I’ve been threatened not with a gun but with words. I’ve been captured, not overseas but within my land.

How shall I fight? I believe that a bullet is never the answer. Too much blood had been wasted for eons. A newborn can neither fight nor surrender for death will be on both sides. I must do something. I must do it now.

Letter by letter. Word by word. Line by line. I am what I have. My voice is all I want for them to hear. I’m tired of being silent, motionless and powerless. Blinded from truth and overwhelmed by lies.

I’ve been powered not by praises but with thoughts. Ideas are rushing in, revolutionizing a free and peaceful world in my own mind.

Pens for swords. Ink for blood. I live for a story. Not just any other story. A story of hope, power, intrigue, love, failure and triumph. A story about me, about you and everyone of us.

This is a new era. Words are weapons. Truth is the shield you must never underestimate. Many died but left behind a legacy of power. It affected lives of billion people of the past, present and probably in the near future. Put them together and you may never know its stupendous effect.

But to be this warrior, courage is a must. To be a coward is to be a wounded soldier. Overpowered by fear instead of will, you better retreat. Knowledge and courage are your only weapons in the battlefield and fear is a chain tied to your feet.

I am a writer. I am a warrior

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