Grazie Mille

We got here not by serendipity, not even by chance, not by choice and never by accident. All of these are products of hard work, skills, will and God’s blessing. We are maybe facing a lot of problems in achieving the highest honor anyone of our kind (journalist) can get, God still lends His hand to push us through. Whatever is the result, whatever is the verdict, all of us know our capabilities. We already made it this far and it’s enough proof of our excellence.

To be a first-timer in this field and getting an opportunity to battle in the nationals, it’s already a victory. I may not win that medal but I know God has His reasons. To be armed and ready with all the knowledge our coach imparted to us, I feel like I can beat them all.

To Sir Gucci, we may have left the doors of our alma mater but you are one of the reasons I will look back to my precious 4 years in high school. A selfless and excellent coach like you, it’s a great honor to be your apprentice. I know you are already proud of us but I will promise you this, I will do my very best and I will never let you down. Even if i don’t win all i want you to know is that in every contest, at the end of the day there will be no regrets and I believe that will be enough.



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