Six Weeks

It’s been six weeks since i saw green tricycles on the streets. It’s been six weeks since i saw my grandmother. It’s been six weeks since I saw the towering palm trees along the wide roads.

Six weeks of waking up to a shabby room, and half of it, alone. Six weeks of longing for the genuine voices of my mom, dad and sister. Six weeks of independence and boundless freedom and possibilities. Six weeks of unshed tears waiting for home.

It’s been a long time since I saw my friends and family. Being miles away from each other, it hurts to think how i really miss them. I hold back tears when I hear their voices. I feel horrible when all music feels so nostalgic.

It’s a short span of time but really feels like ages. I hate the way I count down every hour of everyday and every day of every week, marking down the day I’ll ride that plane. I envy my friends when they pack up their bags and head home. When I see buses pass by, I always say to myself “makakauwi rin ako”.

I know the consequences of my choice, the choice to stay here, to study and learn here. I know the possible outcomes. I’ve prepared myself for anything that comes in my way but a person can get tired right? But no matter, inspiration and hope are the ones that keep me going. I might stumble on my feet, land on my face and trampled by people, I chose this.

I can always come back but no one will learn if they’re tied to their feet.

I may be lonely from time to time but as i look back, it’s already been six weeks of fun and learning. It’s been six weeks of growing friendships. Six weeks of laughs and meaningful smiles. Six weeks of locking myself in the library. Six weeks of walking and running to classes. Six weeks of chemical experimentations. Six weeks of brutal equations.  Six weeks of standing on my own two feet with no one to hold me back.

I’ve been here for six weeks and change is inevitable. I’ve grown to be more independent and confident. I’ve changed not just in the language I spoke but now I can also emotionally cope up with the foreign environment. I’ve learned to accept that there will always be better than you but it should not hold you back to achieve the best that you can have. UPLB changed me but I hope for the better.

Six weeks ago, I started my life, my own life, and I plan to live it here. Six weeks down, twelve more to go 🙂


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