Can you blame me?

I’ve exposed myself in pain and suffering, victory and heaven, risks and sacrifices and deadly decisions and consequences. I was born many times and each was a unique era, either same or completely different from what we have now. I also died countless of times already but each death was in peace. Through the words engraved in every page, I’m revived once more.

Can you blame me? I take the life of someone but I’m no grim reaper. I envy their riches and gold but I’m no poor. I long for a velvety caress and a demanding kiss but I’m no widow. I create my own life and world through pages of books but I’m not crazy.

Can you blame me? To live in this world, to face the harsh reality and to deal with painful consequences are enough to drive someone off to the cliff and jump. The complexity but at the same time practicality of our time is very different from a century ago. Problems and hardships give no mercy to helpless people, it’s either they succeed or die trepidated. It’s hard to compete in the race of our society towards an arbitrary point which is actually an indistinguishable goal.

From all the negatives of our society and time, can you blame me to live a life that’s not mine? Can you blame me to create a whole new world of fantasies? Can you blame me to wish for the impossible? Can you blame me to break the rules?

Through stories, I can be someone else maybe a doctor, a child, a CEO, a rich socialite- anything my heart’s desire. Through stories, I fly to places I never thought I could reach, either on top of the Eiffel or below the pyramids. Through stories, love feels nostalgic and real. Through stories, life can have a happy ending.

Can you blame me? Why would I choose a life of poverty and abuse when I can make my own version of seventh heaven and cloud nine? Why would I fit into a society of crabs when I can be the queen of my own land? Why would I dry up all my tears from broken heart when I can be loved ‘til death do us part? Why would I indulge in the harsh reality when I can control my little piece of sanctuary?


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