In Between the Lines (SONA 2014)

“The Filipino is worth fighting for” – PNoy

Today, President Aquino delivered his 5th State of the Nation Address in Batasang Pambansa. It was claimed to be an emotional speech for a formal event and of course, praised and bashed by the Filipino people both in social media and for the live version, in Commonwealth.

His speech appeared to be a “showcase” of his achievements with a side of poetry garnished with tears. Some of his claims were cleverly supported by overwhelming and quite deceiving infographics accompanied with “Billion” in bold letters. What initially caught my attention was the large sum of money he claimed to be the new budget for certain sectors and programs. It gives me goosebumps imagining those cash accessible to the public and “ready” to use. Also, documentaries of people who experienced his help first hand contributed to the pool of emotions in batasang pambansa.

But in fairness to President Aquino, I must admit that he did a good job in some way. That 40B debt from FPGMA regime was paid off in his term and also the fast rehabilitation of the victims of Bagyong Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan). The improvement on infrastructure can be perceived by most of the urbanized places and the fast process of papers is helpful to avoid “under the table” negotiations on the agencies of the government. This shows that the PNoy is aware of the sources of corruption and is doing something about it. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not against Pnoy’s governance. In fact, I still trust his plans for the country but there’s still lacking.

In his speech alone there were a LOT of points missing and as a student at a state university; I want to hear the reports on subsidies. Multifarious complains were received by the UP administration on the Socialized Tuition System and most scholars demand justice on their education.   Also, I was aware of the promising Malampaya project that could self-sustain the country’s oil and fuel needs but also recently, issues arose on corruption within the said project. It’s obvious that the president avoided discussing topics that are “going through a rough time”. The things mentioned above plus the DAP and PDAF scam are the most noisy issues in the Philippine TV for this year but he didn’t dwell in it…obviously.

I also don’t get the unnecessary emphasis on the security sector. Yes, modernization is important but I believe that no one is that much of a threat to our country. In fact, we ourselves are the most dangerous hazard instead of foreign attacks but this is just my opinion. I guess PNoy has his agenda on that one and we may never know.

To be honest, when it comes to other issues on “importing” and unaccomplished promises, we still cannot solely blame the president. He’s just one of the governing people in the country and as Filipinos, we must admit our individual faults. I believe that 50 percent or more of the population didn’t even bother to hear the president’s side and some doesn’t even know what’s going on in the country. There were a lot of good points on this year’s SONA but as always, people tend to find the faults rather than the beauty. It’s like having a clean glass of water but a drop of ink will stain it forever.


The BlogIt List 2014


This may be a little too late to start with since it’s already July but since everything in my life halted and changed tracks, it would be appropriate to jumpstart myself too.
A calendar shift, being recently “available”, an incoming sophomore at UPLB and a girl who will soon turn 18; here’s my BlogIt List 2014 (In non-chronological order).

•Write a conspiracy theory
Either science or philosophical, i also encourage other bloggers to do this

•My first “genuine” heartbreak
Whooo! Finally, I have something to say about this now haha

• Life of an Iska Part 1
A review of my freshie life and all the ups and downs of those two amazing semesters

•Travel Posts
I will forever be a vagabond at heart and new places entice me.

•Foodie Posts
Everybody’s a foodie, right?

Let those literary juices ooze out of our minds.

•Make another Stop motion Video
I made my first one and it was so cool so i hope i could find time to make another again

•Start of another Semester
Because of the calendar shift, my semester is still yet to come.

•Instagram Song
For the love of God, where will I ever find an egg’s Benedict, side of ham? Well one of my teachers challenged us to complete the list of this song on our instagram accounts within this year and i haven’t even started yet!

•Friends Appreciation Day
This one should be easy.

•The 4-month staycation (PhotoBlog)
Before I’ll go back to Laguna, I should be done with this… i hope

•The Apartment life
Another foreign chapter to my life this year, i hope it would turn out well.

•Hellweek Madness
What’s being an Iska without a massive nerve-racking hellweek?

•Sports Appreciation Day
PE Time!

•Movie Reviews
I’ve stocked, reformatted and restocked my Drive D with movies and 90% of them were downloaded and watched. Booyah!

•Future Plans (The Engineer’s Bucket List)
I’m always the dreamer/perfectionist/ambitious/the girl on fire when it comes to plans.

•Tips for UPCAT
I’ll be happy to give helpful and real-life advices to our soon-to-be ISKOLAR NG BAYAN PARA SA BAYAN.

•Why i started blogging

Challenge of the year: Satirical Post
As a writer, the literary and technical content of this post would be easy BUT as a person who lacks humor, this would be the end of me (well at least I got a year to finish all of these).


PS: If i finish this two weeks ahead of time, I’m gonna treat myself! 🙂

Note to self

You hate yourself for being the person you don’t want to be and there’s no helping it.
Yes you could control yourself but the stuff around you are not oblivious as to what you have become.
You’re like a light switch so easily to switch on and off but unfortunately, most of the time you’re neglected and left hanging.
You never were the clingy type and had not been planning to be but what the hell is this shit?
For now, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and learn to control it for the long haul.
You’ve been keeping yourself from it for years and now is the time to stretch and test your limits.
And don’t forget to remind yourself why you’re here in the first place so you’ll know where to start pushing forward… again.

Infection To The System

Infection to the System

A Reaction Paper on “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio”

by: Kristine Iannah Lawas


Disclaimer: Just wanna share it and post it on my blog to express my comments about historical events and its relation to our present and the incoming future


We recently watched a movie entitled “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio” and was presented in two ways: a play and a drama. At first, the movie was vague and incomprehensible because of the ambiguous transitions: from play to a film, from ancient sword fight to the Katipunan and from Ibong Adarna to Andres Bonifacio.

It was simply a chronological narration of what happened to Andres Bonifacio and his constituents at that time.  Also, in the movie, Andres was described through Ibong Adarna’s Don Juan. It was, for me, a peculiar comparison since it was reality versus fiction and literature which he did not wrote. But later, I found out that the two characters were similar in many ways.

One of the things I noticed in the film was the commotion or rivalry within the Katipunan amidst their war with the Spanish government. I felt pity for the country at that time because even us Filipinos, even on a small group, we tend to compete with position or leadership disregarding the real problem. Even today, we can see the same infectious disease on our system. Based on the historical facts, I can say that we could have done better than what our heroes did if they just set aside personal intentions and unite for one goal and one goal only, independence.

Andres Bonifacio, the Supremo and founder of the Katipunan, also made mistakes that led to his execution. It was evident how much he trusted his power or position to spare him his life. But in the end, instead of killing Spanish blood, the bullets and blades of the native Filipinos took the lives of their own kind. Even betrayal was a fashion at that time and ruined most of the people’s lives in the Spanish era in exchange for money, support or fame. We were a failure at that time but history was made for us to learn from it.

A Natural Massacre

Words can’t give justice to what the catastrophic devastation had done to the ever virgin land of Mindanao. It’s beyond imagination, beyond reality, a nightmare that seems to haunt you, me, everybody who suffered the calamity.

A day before was a deception to the naked eye. The hot and humid atmosphere of the city seems to soothe the nerves of people about the coming typhoon. It lured everyone to sit back, relax and take a sip of coffee and wait for the usual rain and hush of the wind.

9:00 am. No sign of a bad weather, even better than ordinary days. Calm wind, blue skies. If there were no news of an upcoming typhoon, it would be one of the days where summer mix in with winter.

3:00 pm. Well my favorite part of the day. Clouds cover the sky, not too blindingly white and not too grimly dark, just the perfect shade of a fluffy yet satin cotton. It tempted me to snuggle under the covers in our soon-to-be new house of my soon-to-be new room.

6:00 pm. Davao del Norte has been put on signal number 3 along with the nearby provinces but like I said, still no sign of a whirling mass of cloud and air in the atmosphere. Can’t wait to prove that PAG-ASA would sometimes mislead an information.

1:00 am. Not all wishes came through. Raindrops were starting to fall on the roof creating a musicale on my head. I just love rain, it don’t just me give good luck  but also the blanket of cool breeze that makes me sleep more soundly.

5:00 am. It’s getting colder but still very soothing and relaxing. Raindrops were still falling but this time, they beat like a drum, BIG DRUM. But no trouble. My family woke up early and my sister took a bath and got ready for school. She really needs to learn a thing or two, when tv announces signal number 3, it will certainly guarantee you that class would be nowhere to be found.

6:00 am. My mom gave us 3 glasses of milk to warm us. We even raced who could finish first and well no doubt, it’s always me. But as soon as the glass felt empty, so as the heat. Cooler breeze started to bust in and out of the window. The fun thing was it has it’s rhythm, a second it goes crescendo then subsides immediately. It feels like waves in the sea as they welcome the shore.

6:30 am. Each minute the wind grew stronger, we need to go downstairs for more insulation. I brought a blanket to keep me more warm during the slightly unusual weather.

7:00 am. I was startled and my heart beat faster. The roof of the house rattled, it looks like it wanted to break free of its permanent place. It creates a screeching metal sound across a hard concrete. It unnerving and frightful.

8:00 am. If screeching sound were bad enough to make me shiver to my bones, the view of swaying trees, big and very tall coconut trees makes you want to dig a hole. At this very moment, I was sure that the roofs of some houses were flying across mid-air causing loud crashes. Trees were being uprooted from their places and any minute it would smash the houses beneath.

9:00 am. The only thing I could do was pray. It seemed to last forever. It’s cold and very noisy. Trees blocking the road. The electricity was out and it’s purely dark. It’s almost noon but it looked like the sun was already heading to the west. The hard gush of the wind, the deafening raindrops, the bent trees, the dome of darkness, it was a typhoon alright, a massive super typhoon.



Mindanao was called as the Land of Promise until that day, December 4, 2012. The mass of land was rarely, close to never, hit by a typhoon especially by a Super Typhoon. But a change was made and a what a big change it was. We were caught off guard, leaving us with nothing but a total wreck.

Lives were taken, hundreds and hundreds of lives. Children buried alive on the mud. People tugged by the flash flood down to the pits of death. Survivors start to wilt and die in search of food, water and shelter. Houses were smashed to pieces. A massacre in the nastiest angle possible.

It’s hard to believe a paradise as beautiful as my homeland would lose some of its beauty on the map. It would take a long time to heal, but the big problem is, would mother nature let it heal again or would she totally destroy Mindanao’s beauty with another apocalypse?

To whom it may concern,

Assistance is needed at this very moment in time here in Philippines, especially in Mindanao. Food, Clothes, Water and Shelter are the most crucial amenities for the victims. Please help the people in need from the bottom of your generous heart. 🙂


task 9: I become sad when..

Sadness is one of the most ugliest feeling a person can feel. It can change you for a minute or even forever.

I become sad when I don’t get what I desperately want. I yearn for it yet I know that I’ll never get another glance on it which makes me really sad.

I really become sad when I drop my grades. Even though how much I convince myself that it’s okay .. I know deep inside that it is not. As of this time of my life, good grades are my topmost priority. My future “me, myself and I” will depend on how much hard work I do today.

I also become sad when I can’t get a glimpse of the apple of my eye. It makes my day incomplete. I feel a deep desperation inside making me do sorts of crazy things which make me look pathetic. When I think of it, it makes me sad.

Also, another reason I become sad is when I’m misunderstood. It’s one of the last things I want to be. I don’t want to be misunderstood because many cruel things can happen if you let others live with a mistake.


task 7: My Current Crush

I stare blankly at the screen thinking of what to write. Looking for words that could describe what I’m feeling at  this very moment of time. A poem? An essay? A song? Or just a simple statement?

A surge of emotions circulates my mind. Anxiety and hope are the dominant ones. One sided or mutual?

I learned my lessons and I don’t want to go back to the time of great desperation and left with a big “WHAT IF?” on my loser head.

It was not after four years when I realized a certain kind of emotion, familiar yet rare which dated a few years ago. Now I think of the wasted moments we’ve shared for the past years.

As a normal being, it is normal to have crushes but I admit, this time is complicated enough to question one’s infatuation. There would be a very long list for the problems. But as the saying goes “KUNG AYAW MAY DAHILAN, KUNG GUSTO PALAGING MERONG PARAAN” (If there’s a will, there’s a way).

I already accepted the possibility of it being a one-sided feeling but there is still that inch of hope of feeling it mutually. I also accepted the fact that this foreign yet familiar admiration is only limited to “glimpse, glances, smiles and hellos” … ONLY limited.

He was talented, smart, witty, uhmm well he really suits the term..”tall, dark and handsome”. It was all “butterfly-fluttering, rainbow-swirling, mind-boggling and stomach-twisting” shock to my system. It was sudden. From out of nowhere, from the unknown corners of the unknown, I just turned “googly-eyes” for him. I don’t know why, I don’t know when, I don’t know how. Well it’s officially UNCONDITIONAL but JUST crush.

Every time I see him in school, a glimpse is the only thing I can offer. I need not to show for it will be the END of me. It’s exaggerated but trust me, one second and all the people would tease you, some would even talk behind your back. It’s better this way, no arguments just love [CHOS! xD].

It’s complicated but that’s life and the best thing a person can feel is to love and be loved 🙂