Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’


Summer? It’s all about the pictures and places!
This is my mom in one of the famous places in Mati, Davao Oriental, “The Sleeping Dinosaur”

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The BlogIt List 2014


This may be a little too late to start with since it’s already July but since everything in my life halted and changed tracks, it would be appropriate to jumpstart myself too.
A calendar shift, being recently “available”, an incoming sophomore at UPLB and a girl who will soon turn 18; here’s my BlogIt List 2014 (In non-chronological order).

•Write a conspiracy theory
Either science or philosophical, i also encourage other bloggers to do this

•My first “genuine” heartbreak
Whooo! Finally, I have something to say about this now haha

• Life of an Iska Part 1
A review of my freshie life and all the ups and downs of those two amazing semesters

•Travel Posts
I will forever be a vagabond at heart and new places entice me.

•Foodie Posts
Everybody’s a foodie, right?

Let those literary juices ooze out of our minds.

•Make another Stop motion Video
I made my first one and it was so cool so i hope i could find time to make another again

•Start of another Semester
Because of the calendar shift, my semester is still yet to come.

•Instagram Song
For the love of God, where will I ever find an egg’s Benedict, side of ham? Well one of my teachers challenged us to complete the list of this song on our instagram accounts within this year and i haven’t even started yet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn-dD-QKYN4

•Friends Appreciation Day
This one should be easy.

•The 4-month staycation (PhotoBlog)
Before I’ll go back to Laguna, I should be done with this… i hope

•The Apartment life
Another foreign chapter to my life this year, i hope it would turn out well.

•Hellweek Madness
What’s being an Iska without a massive nerve-racking hellweek?

•Sports Appreciation Day
PE Time!

•Movie Reviews
I’ve stocked, reformatted and restocked my Drive D with movies and 90% of them were downloaded and watched. Booyah!

•Future Plans (The Engineer’s Bucket List)
I’m always the dreamer/perfectionist/ambitious/the girl on fire when it comes to plans.

•Tips for UPCAT
I’ll be happy to give helpful and real-life advices to our soon-to-be ISKOLAR NG BAYAN PARA SA BAYAN.

•Why i started blogging

Challenge of the year: Satirical Post
As a writer, the literary and technical content of this post would be easy BUT as a person who lacks humor, this would be the end of me (well at least I got a year to finish all of these).


PS: If i finish this two weeks ahead of time, I’m gonna treat myself! 🙂

SIX o’clock

Task 6: My First Crush

Well He was probably my puppy love [char]

Innocence was the blanket that covered us for a long time. Young and carefree, not minding about the catastrophic surge of the future. Everyday I saw his cuteness flaunting on the aisle in the room. The feeling was mutual and that was the best part. We were classmates for four long years.

For a very long time, his face was my inspiration, his presence was my light. I never got bored even a single second way back then. But everything must come to an end… even love.

He transferred schools when we were in Fifth Grade due to his father’s change of workplace. I was sad, very sad. I even shed a tear because of his absence.  But as days, weeks and years passed, he became a memory, a memory of a young girl’s admiration, no more no less 🙂

it takes TWO (30-day challenge)

Task 2: Favorite Things

Ohh i love this !

Favorite food: Pastries, Barbecues and Ribs !
Favorite drinks: water and milk
Favorite color: brown, white, black, blue
Favorite genres: romance and humor
Favorite activities: Photography and Traveling
Favorite book: Fifty Shades Trilogy
Favorite movie genres: Cartoons, Chick Flicks, Horror
Favorite Topic: LOVE and CAREER

Random Favorites !


It’s been a very long weekend and I’m not a couch potato- especially when you don’t have you OWN home but I don’t have a choice.
Reading helps me getting my mind out of things, getting myself  its own bubble, its own world.

I’ve been reading Janet Dailey, Sophie Kinsella and REreading E. L James’ Fifty shades

Janet Dailey

Oh I love her books ! typical love story yet still makes my heart skips a beat, race like a horse and thump like a bass! Now I picture myself having a shelf of all her books. It’s very cost-effective too – 2 stories per books ! NOW THAT’S AWESOME ! I recommend it for regular readers who like romance, wit and humor and also not-so-complicated conflicts.


Sophie Kinsella

Author of Shopaholic series but her other books caught my attention. One of her best works (for me) was “I’ve Got Your Number”. It’s one of my ALL-TIME Favorites. It’s all seasoned with the right ingredients creating the perfect flavor for a book. I’ve been spending whole afternoon reading “The Undomestic Goddess” and it’s also a very good book, but I’m still halfway done so I can’t conclude then 🙂

Image    Image

E. L. James

It’s love. It’s Porn. IT’S THE BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ !
I will never forget Fifty Shades Trilogy until forever! Passion. Love. Lust. Happiness.
No book can make a person want desperately and love without boundaries at the same time.
It’s a modern fairytale but with the continuation of the “happily ever after”
But reminders for younger viewers, IT’S SUPER RESTRICTED (like I care) but I’ve warned you!



ONE-stop (30-day challenge)


task 1:   Something about myself

I might as well write my whole bio data :))

Name: Kristine Iannah A. Lawas

Nickname: Yana/Yanz

Birthday: Dec 22, 1996

I’m really fond of reading books, surfing the net, eating, sleeping, bonding with friends, doing fun school activities, stalking, listening and talking.

I’m not expecting the best in life but i make sure that there will be no regrets at the end of the day.

I’ve experienced one of the most dreadful and tragic possibilities that could happen to anyone else- to lose a home. It was just two months ago when our house was eaten by a massive fire leaving us with nothing but ashes and cinders. I don’t know what’s next for me. But so far, God had given me blessings beyond unfathomable by chance. Both academics and life, God gives me hope everyday.

So far so good, despite of the routine sermons of my mother and father, I’ve survived til now though having breakdowns every now and then. With all the pressure and stuff, but i know … SOMEDAY 🙂


a picture taken a few days before the fire 🙂
well .. IT’S LIFE !
one thing I realized ..

I’ve never asked God why me.. but instead thanked him for the possibilities 🙂